Here we are.

This is the year 2023, we set out to design Web3-native products to onboard the next billion contributors to shape and experience the magic of cryptoeconomy.

First, we have to start right here at Station — to create a place to foster ownership, originality, and excellence. A place where incredibly talented people with a service mindset feel empowered to practice their craft at the highest level, with very little in their way.

If you’re here, that means that someone thinks you might find your dream job at Station. Working here is not for everyone, but everyone who belongs here is obsessed with the culture and what we’re set out to do.

We genuinely believe that empowering human coordination and collaboration across borders will supercharge progress along all axis — from cutting-edge research to multidisciplinary artistry.

We’re here to make great things happen.

How we operate

Dogfooding what we build is core to our culture. We walk the talk by maintaining experimental organizational culture and testing everything we build, from products to organizational structure. We aren’t here to participate in the attention war of Web3, but we’re dedicated to creating a compelling place for the best talent to shine, enabling them to have complete ownership over the goals they set out to accomplish.

We want innovators and entrepreneurs with a propensity towards craft and service — those who find fulfillment in problem solving and making someone’s day just a bit more delightful. Through emphasizing these traits, we do more with less: higher performance with a tighter community of builders. We don’t want top-down management, and nobody ‘reports to’ anybody else. People simply collaborate on ‘initiatives’ and recognize each other for the great work they do.

The lack of hierarchy doesn’t equate to the lack of leadership. In fact, we expect each one of us to be leaders, and we all have expectations to steer the culture forward, to set the standard of what it’s like to build a high-performing team without compromising on ownership, creativity, and autonomy.

We strongly encourage each of our full-time contributors to spend 20% of their working hours contributing to other projects in the ecosystem. We want to be known not only as the best builders, but the best contributors in Web3. Period.

Contributing Full-time

Our head office is in NYC, but we work from all over the world.

We’re open-minded to all kinds of roles — from protocol research and development to creative brand direction or ecosystem stewardship. We know that job titles can be constraining, and we don’t want to put anyone in a box. Besides intellectual horsepower and unequivocal competency in getting the job done, these are the most important qualities of people we’d like to work with —

Intellectual honesty and curiosity

Optimism towards uncertainty

Inability to settle for mediocrity (obsession with craft)

Proactive to create and execute

Long-term decision-making capability

Does this sound like you? We’d like to chat.

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Perks & Benefits

Of course, as mentioned above in the “How We Operate” section, we expect each full-time contributor to own one or multiple initiatives and coordinate a team of full-time and part-time contributors to get to results. There’s no one-size-fits-all on how one leads.

A good place to start is to pick up something light from the Station Terminal and get to know the community first.
100% medical, dental, vision insurance
Work-from-home/remote office setup stipend
Mental health and fitness stipend
Station exclusive NFTs
$1,000 bonus in Web3 community participation