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Infrastructure for autonomous networks

Station connects community leaders and developers to create, grow, and manage onchain networks

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For community leaders

  • Easily visualize your members and network with out-of-box dashboard and analytics 
  • Programmatically reward and engage with your members with custom logic 
  • Monitor, track, and reward the most impactful actions in your ecosystem 
  • Stay compliant by customizing token permissions for transferability and tradeability
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For developers

  • Create and manage tokens through an API to bring logic into your existing codebase
  • Generate wallets for your users or have them bring their own
  • Trigger onchain transactions and pay monthly network fees in bulk in currency of your choice
  • Read multi-chain activity live in GraphQL and export for analysis
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The Stories of our Blockchain Lives
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Autonomous Paths Toward the Future
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Communties aren't buckets– they're clouds
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Rigorous research & the art of good writing
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Business governance fit, towards a lego block future
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On-Chain Meritocracy
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The Future of DAOs Beyond Tokens
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How it works

Generate on-chain credentials, memberships and points with a few simple API calls.

Connect on-chain and off-chain triggers and build custom logic to automate reward distribution.

Out-of-box dashboard and analytics for engagement and performance data.

Communities that use station



Automate your governance and reward distribution process to minimize manual operations

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Engage your community of gamers and developers with rewards leveraging in-game mechanics

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Bootstrap, grow, and incentivize your nodes with onchain rewards and real-time monitoring

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Identify your most valuable users and reward them with governance power and onchain reputation

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NFT communities

Reward your most active holders and grow your network with referrals and recurring memberships

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Share ownership with your most loyal customers to build the future of your brand together

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Supporters of Station

Pace Capital
Standard Crypto
Box Group
TCG Crypto
Not Boring Capital
Archetype Fund
Not3Lau Capital
Alex Zhang
Wing Vasiksiri
Mario Gabriele
Gokul Rajaram
Amit Mukjerkhee
Alex Adelman
David Phelps
Sabrina Hahn
Spice Capital
Scott Belsky
Chris Ahn
Brian Flynn
Ahmed Elsamadisi
Nicolas Chinot
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A new way to coordinate, grow, and incentivize your network

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