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Decentralized rails for on-chain collaborations

Toolkit for proposing and funding ideas

Propose something new
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For DAOs & Digital Communities
For Contributors & Individuals
Request funding and support from DAOs
Curate and distribute grants
Propose ideas in a few clicks and be paid on time in ETH, native tokens, or NFTs. Create an original proposal or submit an idea to an existing project.
From managing inbounds, getting community input, to executing funding with customized terms— run your grants program in one place.
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Collaborate with your favorite Web3 builders
Create a community-curated idea board
Send a proposal to a fellow creator's ENS and define details and outcome of the collaboration.
Empower the community to participate in building the future of the org and reward the best ideas.
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Engage a community of fans and friends
Admit new members
Create a channel for fans and friends to propose ways to contribute to your burgeoning community.
Curate and admit new members to join your community and reward them with tokens or NFTs to unlock access to gated spaces.
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Take your contribution history wherever you go
Engage and compensate contributors
Your work history belongs to you. Contribution history is stored as artifacts on IPFS and will travel with you alongside your wallet.
Proactively or retroactively reward or compensate contributors for their work USDC/native tokens.
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Proposer is an easy way to create and collaborate with proposals

With proposer, you can:

Write and submit proposals directly to individuals and digital organizations

Sign and approve proposals and execute them on-chain

Attribute reward and credit accurately with flexible payment terms

Track engagement on fund release and get visibility into the ROI of community investments

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